Check out what a few people had to say about our camp…

What an amazing opportunity for our children to participate and compete in the many track and field events all in only one week! They enjoyed improving their skills with the great coaches and other campers. They really loved competing in the fun and friendly track meet at the end of camp. Thanks to Track and Field Camp, our chil- dren have gained greater confidence in their athletic ability. Last year, my friend recommended the camp to me. This year, I’m recommending the camp to all my friends.
Jill G.

I’ve helped helped out at Track and Field Camp for the past 5 or so years, and I was a participant in the camp for many years before that. From both sides of the experi- ence, I enjoyed every aspect of it: participating in the events, the bible study, the silly songs at the end of the day, the Friday night track meet (complete with chick fil a and rain) and even leading my own group of kids. I look forward to it every year.
Michael C.

As a mom, T & F camp has been a wonderful opportunity to expose my kids to a variety of trach & field events in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment. It has been an encouraging camp for my kids. We also love the bible learning time, it gives you an opportunity to believe there is more to this life than sports and winning. It has also been the place where my son first met some boys that became his friends and years later they are still great friends.
As a volunteer, it is great to be able to encourage kids to keep trying, to see the camper finally succeed. It warms my heart to witness kids helping and encouraging other members of their age group, to willingly lose a race to help someone else finish. In addition, it is fun to watch the same campers attend year after year and watch them grow from little campers to first year helpers.